When was FxAH established?

Founded and organized by Matt Manalo and Bridget Bray in June, 2019.

How do I become a member?

Attend one of our events and sign up through a member of FxAH.

FxAH hosts meet-ups around Houston such as art picnics, museum hangs, workshops, book / artist talks, mixers, and drawing cafes.

Alief Art House, also founded by Matt Manalo, holds events as well.

We provide membership information at our member meetings posted on our private Facebook group.

Why not just post the Facebook group on this site so we can join it here?

FxAH is an active community in Houston.
We want members who:

a. Live in the Greater Houston area.
b. Want to build community.
c. Share insights and ideas at some of our monthly meetings.
d. Volunteer time or resources to our community projects.
e. Support each other’s events by attending them.

We value the benefits of an online community AND we want to strengthen our connections with our kapwa by gathering together – vibe out, if you will.

Monthly meetings? Volunteering? Event attendance? How many do I have to attend to stay in the group?

We don’t want to put any “hard” rules on FxAH membership.

Some of our members attend monthly, others attend half of our meetings, and others have attended 2 or 3 a year. Some folks were incredibly busy last year and instead donated funds to our projects.

When you attend one of our events, chat with us and see if this is a community you truly want to be a part of and commit some time and energy to.

We don’t want community building to feel like a chore or obligation to members. We hope you WANT to be here.

What happens if we don’t attend or volunteer?

At every meeting and event, we have a sign in sheet for our members and a Google Form for new event attendees.

At the end of the year, we review attendance. Members who didn’t attend events or take on volunteer opportunities have an option to stay in the group through financial donations.

We understand life can get busy and hectic. Any form of energy contribution whether it is time, money, and resources helps FxAH.

We want to reiterate that this is an active community in Houston. All hands on deck.

Our members work tirelessly to carve out a space and amplify Filipinx voices in the art world. No one is doing this for us but ourselves. It is a labor of love.

What’s in it for me?

  • Your own art profile in the FxAH Directory
  • Networking with other creatives inside and outside of our community.
  • Connecting with other Filipinx creatives from out of town to collaborate with.
  • People looking to commission work can browse this directory for art that fit their needs.
  • For the FxAH Member Form: Name a piece of art, music, performance, or literature that has moved you.
  • Provide FxAH social media platforms with content to highlight YOU as a creative.
  • We will put your name in the hat when it comes to creative opportunities that align with your work.
  • Inspire young Filipinx folks and let them know that there is a thriving community in Houston for THEM.
  • We’re creating and taking up space in the art world.
  • Camaraderie