Trisha Morales


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Artistic Disciplines and Mediums

  • Generative Art: Code is Beautiful
  • Creative Directing: Compositions
  • Illustration: Indigo Hands
  • Photography


At heart, I am a storyteller. I help people and brands leverage the power of digital marketing and branding to position and grow their businesses. I am committed to using what I know – to collaborate, to build communities, to help others succeed, and to make a bigger impact.

Artist Statement

When I was young, I wanted to be a pilot. I wanted to feel the forces binding me to this planet break away as I lifted off into the horizon. My dreams slightly changed, but a part of me will always enjoy the moments when I’m soaring 30,000 ft.

I believe we have dreams put in our hearts for a reason. Though we often don’t know why, we are given hopes and desires because we have the capacity to pursue them. Many will see a skyscraper and not even think about the person who dreamed it into existence, these silent souls of buildings will always cry to those who have the ability to listen and learn from them. Can you hear them?