Royal Sumikat

she / her / they / them


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Creative Disciplines and Mediums

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Murals
  • Mixed Media
  • Storytelling


My art name is Royal.

I currently reside in Houston, but I am a native of the Philippines. I am a dynamic human so it may look like I’m contradicting myself but trust that it’s all real and littered with good intentions.

I draw, I paint, and I think about a lot of things including but not limited to magic, alternate realities, and self-sovereignty. Life excites me. Traveling outside of my city excites me. Feeling one with all of creation excites me.

Artist Statement

People recognize my work because of the neon indigenous-futuristic style prevalent in my pieces.

From my point of view, the media pushes an extremely bleak portrayal of the future, especially for People of Color. My work portrays a different narrative. In the Royal Universe – technology, gadgets, and electronics are utilized to advance the art, spirituality, and infrastructure of a thriving futuristic culture. Everyone gets theirs.

As I dig deeper to water my roots – I am feeling a shift in my art. I am learning more about creation stories, deities of the ancient Philippine pantheon, and symbolism. Storytelling was incredibly important to my ancestors and with this work I hope to carry on that tradition in my art.

Curriculum Vitae