Loida Wexler


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Creative Disciplines And Mediums

  • Acrylics
  • Oils
  • Graphite
  • Charcoal


I am an artist who specializes in paintings/drawings in acrylics and oils using various methods such as palette knife, brushes and fluid media.

I was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh through his use of texture to convey a sense of realism and movement through his work. He “breathes life” into an inanimate painting.

Other masters are also admired and studied with their portrayal of light and dark to capture the drama of the objects being represented.

I completed my Masters in International Business from Saint Thomas University, HOUSTON and spent 20+ years in Corporate America. All through my life, I have had formal art training up to various college level art, but I am mostly self taught.

Artist Statement

To breathe “life” into inanimate paintings so that it could speak and dance and show me the magic of this beautiful world.

Curriculum Vitae


2005 – My hand fabricated jewelry designs were shown and sold at Tootsie’s Houston River Oaks

2003-2008 – various small independent jewelry shows


2020 – Eighteen36 Bar – 3 large Murals and 2 portraits of Houston founding fathers (Allen Brothers)
2019 – Art Machine Gallery – Silos #223 – 1 of 9 featured artists ongoing display
2018 – Ongoing display – Montrose Veterinary Clinic – Montrose street Houston
2018 – Artist Solo Show – Lucio’s Restaurant – Taft Street HOUSTON – ongoing display
2018 – Featured Artist Solo Show – St. Joseph Hospital – 19th Street The Heights
2018 – Urban Eats Restaurant – Featured Artist for 90 days show where I sold 17 paintings
2017 – August to November – Into the New – Summer Street Studios
2017 – August – Featured artist on Pet Talk Magazine artist issue
2017 – July – Summer Series Exhibit – Summer Street Studios
2017 – May – Featured artist for Fresh Arts – lectured art enthusiasts at my studio
2017 – March – Spring Biannual Exhibit – New Works by Summer Street artists
2017 – January – Summer Street Studios – Houston TX
2016 – Started teaching art lessons through AG Antiques by request
2016 – November – Chocolates and Art Exhibit at Spring Street Studios
2016 – April 12 – RAW Artist Exhibit Houston TX

Permanent showing – AG Antiques – 313 West 19th street, The Heights HOUSTON