Leslie Cruz


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Creative Disciplines and Mediums

  • Acrylic
  • Pencil
  • Watercolor


Leslie Ann Cruz is from Landstuhl, Germany but grew up in many places around the United States.

Through a tough time growing up with things that were out of her control, she gained an interest in art as an outlet to life. After realizing in 2013 that cosmetology wasn’t going to work out she went to college for International Business and Fashion as her minor.

During college she discovered that she could draw and started to express herself through life that way. A car accident that happened in 2019 is what really drove her to push towards her passions in life as an artist.

Today she is making a name for herself within the art industry while being an advocate for women. She is creating a foundation for sex trafficking and abuse called Fight Back In Pink. She is using her art as an outlet to bring awareness to this heinous crime.

Artist Statement

Growing up I went through a lot of things that I couldn’t control. Through it all I found peace within myself after healing and understanding the lessons that were being taught to me.

Realizing that there was a lot of passed on pain through family that I had to fight off my back. I’m all about being your authentic self and realizing your life lesson here in this lifetime. I feel as if once you fight all those demons in the mirror you become free of self harm and others.

You have to dig within in order to have a fulfilling life. I feel as if once you find out what your purpose is, the universe will not only get out the way but will help you along the way. I want to help people through my art while letting them know that I understand the depths of the mind. I know how far depression goes and I understand different dynamics of life because I myself have walked many lives.

I create unique conversational pieces to help free one’s mind into another dimension of time. My artwork is to create awareness and to help people vision the words in their heads onto a canvas. I know how it feels to be alone and my goal is to tell people through my art that they’re not alone