Josette Marcario

she / her / hers


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Creative Disciplines and Mediums

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Installation


Josette Marcario was born and raised in Connecticut, then moved to Brooklyn, New York to study at Pratt Institute. She majors in Fine Arts Painting with a minor in Community Art & Design Education. Josette is passionate about art and helping the community, and has experience with assisting practicing artists and art teachers. Now residing in Houston, Texas she is further exploring her art practice before finishing school to recieve her BFA.

Her work consists of oil paintings on canvas and wooden panels, as well as drawings in ink and charcoal. She has experimented with found materials and uses them in installations. Her work is inspired by her environment, mental health, past traumas, and therapy experiences. She values the practices of mindfulness to better understand the world around her in the past and present. Any place a person stands is a space, but her works focus on being in that space. Her hopes are that viewers become mindful of their own perceptions and emotional responses to their surroundings.

Artist Statement

I need to release what is holding me back, in order to move on in my life, Can you feel the tension.. discomfort… frustration… loneliness? I question what went on and why.

I watch films, take photos, and use images that move me based on composition, light and color. The narrative I want to present directs itself to what medium it will embody. I collect and arrange nostalgic materials selected from my personal trauma.

When I create ART, I can better understand the WORLD around me. I am constantly perceiving and emotionally responding to my ENVIRONMENT in all contexts. Making this art helps me heal the internal wounds I have been trying to mend for YEARS.