Jerick Alegarbes

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Creative Disciplines and Mediums

  • Guitar (Blues, Folk, Rock, Jazz)
  • Piano (Classical, Synth, Jazz)


Jerick Alegarbes is an Indie Rock guitarist from Houston, Texas. Born in the City on Dagupan, Pangasinan in 1991, he spent most of his childhood and early teenage years in Manila before moving to United States in 2006. As a Filipino, his influences stems from being classically trained in piano as a kid and picking the guitar later to learn Filipino rock and folk music.

After moving to America, he rediscovered his passion for music and became an established musician in the local music scene. He also Graduated college in 2020, with a Bachelor degree in Management Information Systems.

Out of high school, he met his best friend and now bandmate, Vaughn Chung. After months of talking online, they realized that they lived less than 5 miles apart and started meeting up to create music. Jerick spent the next couple of years playing open mics and shows with his and a drummer, Ryan Vasquez.

This led to the creation of the local Houston band, TBST (2011-2014), and later changed their name to Paper Gliders (2017-Present), which is now a 6-piece band. They released their first EP “Trials” back in 2018 and was nominated for a local award in California for “Best EP by a Group”. The band still plays local shows around Houston to this day.

Playing guitar is not the only thing Jerick does. He also makes soundtracks for various podcasts like Tacos & Tales and Soundtrack City. He also produces his own music on his own time in addition to making digital art and painting.

Artist Statement

As a guitarist, I want to explore the indie rock genre while improving my skills. My relationship with my band mates helps me grow as an artist, and in return I provide my own knowledge in melody, theory, and songwriting to develop songs that speak for us. I recognize that rock music would not be impossible without the pioneers of Blues and Jazz music like Chuck Berry, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and Miles Davis. I also recognize the importance of using my voice and skills to create music that speaks to the heart of those who listen to them.