Hermie Escamilla

Social Media

Creative Disciplines and Mediums

  • Paint
  • Ink drawings
  • Mixed media
  • Fabric
  • Paper and digital collage


Born in Subic Bay, Philippines, Hermie is a visual artist that began her art career by making gig flyers and screen-printing t-shirts for her friends’ bands and events. She has since transitioned to art she commissions for herself and that others seem to enjoy.

Her first creative mentors were her eldest brother and her mom. Through her brother, she learned the magic of drawing and how to see humor in the mundane. Her mom introduced her to her first power tool, the sewing machine. These were the building blocks of her artistic exploration.

Her most beloved, creative award is a handmade trophy she won for “best dressed” at a Big Lebowski-themed bowling alley birthday party. She was dressed as The Stranger.

Artist Statement

These days, my art tends to revolve around food and dreams and dreams about food, but not necessarily in that order.

I’m so interested in people’s favorite foods, colors and textures of food, food as love, and food that simply MUST be anthropomorphized. Food is such a significant topic for me because it connects me to my culture(s) and makes a home for me wherever I am.

The dreams I remember are often very vivid, and I try to make a habit of writing them down. I find that some dream elements require much more contemplation and a different method of documentation than writing alone.

My food and dream studies manifest as drawings, paintings, sculpture, collage, and most recently, stickers.