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Creative Disciplines and Mediums

  • Digital Visual Arts
  • Media Production
  • Mixed Media
  • Collage Art


Cybil Pallugna-Saenz is a multimedia artist specializing in digital content creation. She began working in digital art at Village Voice Media’s Houston Press where she discovered a hidden talent for graphic design and thrived in the weekly deadline driven schedule. Cybil excelled to Production Manager within three years and then pivoted to broadcast television working for the public access channel, Houston Media Source.

Currently, Cybil is an administrative professional in the office of the Director at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and a freelance digital content producer for nonprofit organizations.

A self proclaimed film buff, you will often find Cybil in a dark movie theater watching an independent film or the new Marvel movie on any given weekend. Cybil is also an active member of the Filipinx Artists of Houston and a communications undergraduate student at Lamar University.

In 2004, Cybil decided to produce Houston’s first Filipino-American television show called “Halo Halo TV” on the public access channel, Houston MediaSource. It was a thirty-minute show that featured Tagalog lessons and community events in and around Houston. “Halo-Halo TV” was sponsored by the Houston Northwest Filipino-American Community, where Cybil grew up. The series lasted for only one season and was hosted by Cybil Pallugna, Derick Mendoza, and Grace Rodriguez.

When not watching or making films, Cybil spends time with her husband, Alejandro Saenz, Jr., and their three children, Apolonio, Benicio and Alejandro III.

Artist Statement

Cybil Pallugna-Saenz was born in America to Filipino immigrant parents and has been searching for an identity her entire life. Not quite Filipina, not quite the average-looking American, Cybil sought answers to her identity questions in television but did not see herself in those characters.

Fast forward to 2019, after having three children of her own and connecting with other creative Filipinx Houstonians, Cybil will be rebranding Halo Halo TV into Halo Halo Houston and producing the show as a web series featuring the Filipinx Culture within the Houston Metropolitan area.